About Us

Accounting Nsync – a brand name of Jotda Elevated Services – is an accounting firm that has been servicing SMEs since July 2017 with clients across a wide range of industries in Nigeria and Ghana. Accounting Nsync is an accounting firm that supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with their accounting, taxes, growth strategies and structure.

We are known for using financial reports to improve the operational, financial and growth performance of businesses. The business was birthed from the discovery that a lot of SMEs in Nigeria did not survive more than 5 years and the ones that did, struggled to be profitable. We realized that a good number of businesses struggled with product/service costing, determination of profit, lack of business structure, the lack of strategy in achieving their goals and lack of well-defined goals.

The founders, with years of experience in Accounting, Business management, Software management, product development, tax management and Business structure, decided to start a business that will meet the needs of SMEs and ensure they not only survive but also are profitable.


To become the leading firm for SME’s financial and operational needs


To provide exceptional services to contribute to the financial growth and sustainability of SMEs through customized professional services and trainings